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Thomas Alva Edison invented Gramophone on 22 November 1877

Thomas Alva Edison invented Gramophone on 22 November 1877

Thomas Alva Edison is the name of the world of science who has patented 1,093 inventions alone. Invented electric bulbs and there was a revolution across the world. He did many other inventions and one of them is Gramophan.

Edison had invented the Gramophone but he wanted that the world should have a special voice when it first heard the recorded voice in it. Edison chose Professor Max Müller for this.

Origin was German from birth but he had done a lot of work on ancient languages. He was highly influenced by the Indian Vedas and philosophy. He spent most of his time in England

Edison organized a ceremony to show and recite the Gramophone which gathered scholars and scientists from across Europe and the United States. Max Mueller also reached England from Germany after receiving the invitations.

Edison summoned Muller on stage and said a few words on Gramophone's record. When Edison started the disc, the whole hall looked surprised by one another.

Hall was full of Claps and when applause stopped, Mueller came to the stage, asked everyone what he said, did anyone understand? Everyone shouted in 'No'.

Muellar then told that what he actually recorded was a verse of Sanskrit. This stanza was the first Sukta of Rig Veda 'Agni Mile Purohit'. After the program, when the reason for choosing the same verse from Mueller was asked, he said, Vedas are the first texts written by humans and this verse is the first point of the Rig Veda.

He said, "In a very ancient time, when the person did not even know how to cover his body, lived on the prey and lived in the caves, then the Hindus had attained a higher urban civilization and he had the world as Vedas Provided a universal philosophy, that is why I chose to record this sentence on this machine. "

When this sentence was replaced then all the people present there stood in honor of this ancient treatise. It is clear that the ancient world of Indian civilization has been saluting the world.

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Q.1 Who discovered the Gramophone?
A. James Watt
B. Thomas Alva Edison
C. Stephen Hawking
D. Madam Curie
Ans: Thomas Alva Edison
Q.2 What was the first sound echoed in Gramophone?
A. Stanza of Bible
B. Shlokas of Rigveda
C. Speech of Abraham Lincon
D. Verses of Geeta
Ans: Shlokas of Rigveda

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