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Teddy Roosevelt discusses America's race problem

Teddy Roosevelt discusses America's race problem
  • On 13 February in 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt conveys a mixing discourse to the New York City Republican Club.
  • Roosevelt had quite recently won his second reelection, and in this discourse, he examined the nation's present condition of race relations and his arrangement for enhancing them. In 1905, numerous white Americans' state of mind of prevalence over different races still waited.
  • Roosevelt's answer to the race issue in 1905 was to continue gradually toward social and monetary correspondence.
  • He forewarned against forcing radical changes in government strategy and rather proposed a slow change in the states of mind of whites toward ethnic minorities.
  • He claims to white Americans as the forward race, whose obligation it was to raise the status of minorities through preparing the retrogressive race in mechanical productivity, political limit, and local profound quality.

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