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Michael Faraday : inventor of Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction

Michael Faraday : inventor of Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction

     Michael Faraday was born in England on September 22, 1791. Faraday's father was a poor blacksmith. Faraday had been interested in chemistry and physics since childhood, he used to read books of Physics. In 1813 Faraday was introduced to the famous chemist Sir Hunphy Debi. On some of Hunphy Debi's lectures, Faraday made a comment and sent him, which Hunphy Debi was quite impressed and Faraday was appointed as an assistant.

Michael Faraday's main invention was electromagnetic induction. In the year 1820, Hands Orsted discovered that the magnetic field could be generated from the electric current. From this invention, Faraday came to know that if the magnetic effect can be generated from the flow of electric current, then magnetic effect can also generate electric current.


By experimenting on this basis, they invented electromagnetic induction. Today, the whole world is produced on the basis of electromagnetic induction theory. Transformer also works on the theory of Faraday, according to which if the coil of two stars is kept nearby and the flow is dissipated in a coil, then the separate stream will be flown in the second coil.

Prior to Faraday, it was believed that the power obtained from each source is different but Faraday concluded from his experiments that the introduction of all kinds of electricity is the same, only his trilogy is different.

Based on this, Faraday invented Dynamo. There are two fundamental units under the name of Michael Faraday, one of which is Faraday, which works in the measurement of the electric flow. The second unit is Farad by which the capacitor's capacitance is measured.

In chemistry, you must have read about Benzene, it was discovered by Michael Faraday. Faraday made several rules in relation to Electricity, which are called the rules of Faraday. This great scientist died on August 25, 1867. Faraday will always be remembered with respect to his great discoveries.

Related Question:-

Q.1 Who invented Faraday Law of Electromagnetic Induction?
A. Michael Faraday
B. Hand Orsted
C. Georg Ohm
D. Elbert Einstien
Ans: Michael Faraday
Q.2 Which organic chemical was discovered by Michael Faraday?
A. Toluene
B. Benzene
C. Xylene
D. Chloroform
Ans: Benzene

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