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Man who gave 'Horsepower' to engines, was born

Man who gave 'Horsepower' to engines, was born

James Watt was a Scottish explorer, mechanical engineer and chemist who, after discovering the Watt Steam engine, gave a revolution in the industrial world, most of the time it was being used in Great Britain and other countries. He made impressive changes in the industrial sector.

James Watt was born on 19 January 1736 in the narrow bay of Clyde on the Greenock port in United Kingdom. His father was the owner and contractor of the ship, as well as the village's main belly (Baillie), while his mother Agnes Muirhead, a well-educated woman, belonged to a broken family. His mother and father were both members of the priestly union chaplain. Watt's grandfather, Thomas Watts was a mathematics teacher and Baillie. After the religious parents grew up, they later became Adeist.

Life story of James Watt

  • He went to Greenock Grammar School.He showed his engineering talent in school days.
  • He started working to make bronze documentary, parallel measure, scale, some parts of the telescope and the barometry and to repair them in Glassgow University.
  • Professors of Glassgow University gave him an opportunity to start workshop there, seeing his talent.
  • In starting, he repairs only devices used in university but later he started making devices for university uses.
  • James started a small work, in partnership of John Craig in 1759, to sell his musical instruments and toys made by him.
  • He was fond of painting also.
  • James Watt was a member of Royal Society of Britain.
  • Watt developed steam engine invented by Thomas Newcomen which was more powerful and saves more energy and steam, than the engine of Newcomen.
  • The power of engine is measured in ‘Horsepower’, which was named by James Watt.
  • In 1800, University of Glasgow awarded Honorary Doctor of Laws and Lords.
  • In honor of this great inventor, the unit of electricity is named as ‘Watt’.
  • James discoveries gave a new directions to industrial revolution in Britain.

Inventions and Patents on the names of James Watts

  • Patent913 A: He told the method of using the condenser separately in the steam engine and using it. It was adopted on 5 January 1769, while it was nominated on 29 April 1769, and in 1775 it was extended to Parliament in June 1800.
  • Patent 1,244: The new method of copying the words was told, this change was adopted on 14 February 1780 and was nominated on 31 May 1780.
  • Patent 1,306: Rotation of the sun and the planet, the new method of increasing speed This change was adopted on 25 October 1781 and was nominated on 23 February 1782.
  • Patent 1,432: He made improvements in the steam engine - which included motion and steam carriage three times. This change was adopted on 28 April 1782 and was nominated on 25 August 1782.
  • Patent 1, 321: He improved the steam engine - enhanced its functionality and also changed the design. This change was adopted on 14 March 1782 and was nominated on 4 July 1782.
  • Patent 1, 485: James explained the new method of building the furnance. This change was adopted on 14 June 1785 and was nominated on 9 July 1785.

On 25 August 1819, James Watt died in Heathfield Hall near Birmingham Warwick of England.

Related Question:-

Q.1 By whose name, the unit of Electricity is named?
A. Thomas Newcomen
B. Allesandro Volta
C. James Watt
D. Andre Marie Ampere
Ans: James Watt

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