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Fifth President of India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was Died

Fifth President of India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was Died

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (born: May 13, 1905 - Death: 11 February, 1977) is known as the fifth President of India (according to name Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was the fifth President and according tenure as the Sixth President). Choosing their president is also a vivid proof of India's secular constitutional order. India was divided because of this assumed basis, 'Muslim class cannot get respect in independent India'. The Muslim League and its leaders also caused huge harm to the mutual harmony due to the power of greed. But in the form of Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed when the second Muslim person became the President of India, it became clear that there is no peace in the world of Indian constitutional secularism.

On 11 February, 1946, under the leadership of Gopinath Bordoloi, the Congress government was formed in Assam. But Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed lost in this election. On the request of the Congress, he took over as the Advocate General of Assam and remained in office till 1952. In 1952, he got a Rajya Sabha membership and reached the Parliament. In 1955, he led a delegation of Indian lawyers to the Soviet Union. In 1957, U.N.O. In the lead of Indian delegation.

After this Fakhruddin Ali was elected to the Assam Assembly and was given large responsibilities of Assam State. During his tenure he took over finance, law and panchayat departments. In 1962, he again reached the Assam Assembly and got a place in the cabinet. But he resigned from the 'Local Autonomous Government' on voluntary basis. In 1964, he went to Moscow on the invitation of the Soviet Union.  He also traveled in Japan and Hong Kong to return. In 1965 he was present as a representative of the Government of India at the independence ceremony of Malaysia.

The cabinet

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was a close ally of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. On January 29, 1966, he was inducted into the Union Cabinet by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He was given the charge of the Ministry of Irrigation and Power as Cabinet Minister. Thus, the representation of the Muslim class in the Union Cabinet increased and a person from Assam State was successful in becoming a Union Minister for the first time. Although at the top of national politics, it had come in the time of Pandit Nehru, but at the time it was not MP and was the representative of the Assam Assembly. When he was inducted into the 'Union Council of Ministers', it was necessary that he be given membership of any House of Parliament in the next six months. So, it reached the Rajya Sabha in April, 1966. He also served as Education Minister from November 14, 1966 to March 12, 1967.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed fought the Lok Sabha election from Barpeta parliamentary seat of Assam State and won. After this success in 1967, he was entrusted with the Ministry of Industrial Development and Company Affairs while joining the Union Cabinet. On June 27, 1970, when the Cabinet reshuffled, he got the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. In the 1971 Lok Sabha elections, it was again elected from the Barpeta seat. His services continued as Food Minister of Agriculture till July 3, 1974.

At the presidency

On 3 July 1974, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed gave his resignation as Union Food and Agriculture Minister. The Congress party wanted to make them their candidate for the next presidential election. At that time the Congress was in a very strong position and it was decided to become president of its proposed candidate. The result of the presidential election was announced on August 20, 1974. He was won as a Congress candidate. Then his rival candidate was Tridib Chaudhuri, who had made eight candidates of the Opposition his own candidate. Fakhruddin Ali received 80 percent of the votes cast. He resigned from the membership of the Lok Sabha on August 21, 1974. On 9th August, 1974, at 9am, Fakhruddin Ali took oath of office and secrecy as the fifth President of India.

Cause of Death:-

On February 6, 1977, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed went on a state visit to Malaysia, Philippines and Burma (present day Myanmar). But after arriving in Indonesia, it returned to India on February 10, 1977 after postponing the trips of Burma and the Philippines due to poor health. On February 11, 1977, due to a heart attack in the bathroom, he fell on the floor. He passed away on 8 o'clock at 52 minutes.

Related Question:-

Q.1 Who was the fifth president of India?
A. Zakir Hussain
B. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
C. V.V. Giri
D. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
Ans: Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

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