Today History Quiz - Today History GK - History GK -23-11-2018

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Q.1 When was Garry Kirsten born?
A. 21 Novemebr 1968
B. 23 Novemebr 1967
C. 15 Novemebr 1967
D. 2 Novemebr 1964
Ans: 23 Novemebr 1967
Q.2 Which IPL team had, Garry Kirsten as a coach?
A. Mumbai Indians
B. Punjab XI
C. Royal Challengers Bangalore
D. Kolkata Knight Riders
Ans: Royal Challengers Bangalore
Q.3 Who is the first Indian Medical Practitioner of India?
A. Anandi Gopal Joshi
B. Kadambani Ganguly
C. Rukmabai Raut
D. Amrita Pritam
Ans: Rukmabai Raut
Q.4 When was Rukmabai Raut born?
A. 26 November 1868
B. 23 November 1864
C. 20 November 1865
D. 14 November 1866
Ans: 23 November 1864
Q.5 When was Sakharam Ganesh Deoskar died?
A. November 20, 1914
B. November 23, 1912
C. November 27, 1910
D. November 21, 19119
Ans: November 23, 1912
Q.6 What was Sakharam Deoskar called in Bengal due to his efforts of public awareness in Bengal?
A. Royal Bengal Tiger
B. Tilak of Bengal
C. Crown on West Bengal
D. Fighter of Bengal
Ans: Tilak of Bengal