Today History Quiz - Today History GK - History GK -01-08-2018

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Q.1 What was the full name of Frank Worell?
A. Frank Mortimer Maglinne Worrell
B. Sir Frank Worell
C. Frankfinn Maglinne Worrel
D. Frank Mortime Worell
Ans: Frank Mortimer Maglinne Worrell
Q.2 Frank Worell trophy is given to the winner of a Test series. Which test series is this?
A. Trans-Tasman Trophy.
B. West Indies-Australia Test Series.
C. Anthony De Mello Trophy
D. SobersTissera Trophy
Ans: West Indies-Australia Test Series.
Q.3 When was the pre- alert service about Earthquake was started by Japan?
A. 06 August 1945
B. 09 August 1945
C. 01 August 2006
D. 21 August 2004
Ans: 01 August 2006