Today History Quiz - Today History GK - History GK -29-07-2018

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Q.1 What was full name of C. Reddy?
A. Chandrashekhar Narayan Reddy
B. Chandravenkat Narayan Reddy
C. Cingireddi Narayan Reddy
D. Cingaliputti Narayan Reddy
Ans: Cingireddi Narayan Reddy
Q.2 For which book C. Reddy was awarded Gyanpeeth Award in 1988?
A. Mantalu Manwudu
B. Vishwambhara
C. Unarchigal
D. Navinuna Puru
Ans: Vishwambhara
Q.3 Name an bollywood actor who was named upon a famous brand of whisky?
A. Bagpiper
B. Johnnie Walker
C. Vodka
D. Royal Stage
Ans: Johnnie Walker
Q.4 What was real name of Johnnie Walker?
A. Kamruddin Khan Jamaluddin Kazi
B. Azharuddin Khan Jaluddin Kazi
C. Badruddin Khan Jamaluddin Kazi
D. Maulana Abdul Kazi
Ans: Badruddin Khan Jamaluddin Kazi
Q.5 When was IEAE formed?
A. 24 October 1945
B. 29 July 1957
C. 16 November 1945
D. 7 April 1948
Ans: 29 July 1957
Q.6 What work is not done by IEAE?
A. Protection
B. Science & Technology
C. Protection and Confirmation
D. Health and Cleaniness
Ans: Health and Cleaniness