Today History Quiz - Today History GK - History GK -28-07-2018

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Q.1 When was Rameshwar Thakur born?
A. 21 July 2009
B. 28 July 1927
C. 15 January 2015
D. 30 June 2009
Ans: 28 July 1927
Q.2 Who discovered that the fingerprints are different of each other and can be used for identity?
A. Wilhelm Wundt
B. William James
C. John Dewey
D. Charles Sanders Peirce
Ans: William James
Q.3 Which of the book is written by William James on Psychology?
A. A pluralistic universe
B. The Will to Believe
C. The Varieties of Religious..
D. Principal of Psychology
Ans: Principal of Psychology
Q.4 When is World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated?
A. 28 July
B. 22 April
C. 21 March
D. 05 June
Ans: 28 July
Q.5 Nature is composed of which of three elements?
A. water,land and organic wastes
B. Mountains. Forest and Animals
C. Water, Land and Animals
D. Fire, Water and Earth
Ans: Water, Land and Animals