Today History Quiz - Today History GK - History GK -24-07-2018

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Q.1 Which of these films are produced by Uttam Kumar?
A. Anand Ashram
B. Dooriyan
C. Chhoti si Mulaqat
D. Stree
Ans: Chhoti si Mulaqat
Q.2 When was Simon Bolivar born?
A. 24 August 1783
B. 24 July 1783
C. 12 May 1826
D. 20 August 1882
Ans: 24 July 1783
Q.3 Who is the only Indian to won the FIDE title of International Master and Woman Grandmaster in 2000?
A. Padmini Rout
B. S Vijayalakshmi
C. Harika Dronavalli
D. Tania Sachdev
Ans: S Vijayalakshmi