Today History Quiz - Today History GK - History GK -02-06-2017

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Q.1 Whn did Raj kapoor died?
A. 2 June 1988
B. 3 June 1989
C. 4 June 1987
D. 1 June 1988
Ans: 2 June 1988
Q.2 Which movie of Indian filmmaker Mani Ratnam is part of the permanent collection at the Austrian Film Museum?
A. Raavanan
B. Bahubali
C. Geethanjali
D. Roja
Ans: Raavanan
Q.3 When the greatest players in the history of baseball, 'Babe Ruth' retire?
A. June, 1935
B. June 2, 1935
C. June 3, 1935
D. June 4, 1935
Ans: June 2, 1935
Q.4 What baseball teams did Babe Ruth play for?
A. Atlanta Braves
B. New York Yankees
C. Red Fox
D. Pitcher
Ans: Pitcher