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Singapore Agreement: Kim Jong agreed to nuclear disarmament in those North Korea

Singapore Agreement: Kim Jong agreed to nuclear disarmament in those North Korea

US President Donald Trump and North Korean top leader Kim Jong ended the historic summit on June 12, 2018. There was talk for about 50 minutes between the two leaders. Trump and Kim smiled looking at the end of the talks. During this, Donald Trump said that the meeting was very good.

For the first time, no executive president of America has met a North Korean leader. At the same time, 7 years after assuming power, Kim Jong came on the first visit to the country for the first time. The talks were held on the island of Sentosa, Singapore. After the meeting ended, Kim said in Trump, in English, "Nice to meet you, Mr. President."

Singapore Agreement:-

  • American President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il signed the Singapore agreement.
  • A comprehensive document has been signed between the two leaders, which includes an important agreement for the elimination of nuclear weapons.
  • On North Korea's nuclear disarmament, Trump said that we have prepared a 'special contract' and the process of disarmament will start very soon.
  • During the press conference, Kim said, "We are going to solve a big problem; the world will see a major change."
  • Trump said after the press conference, Kim signed a document and promised nuclear disarmament in Korea.
  • After meeting Kim, Donald Trump said that we are ready to write new chapters.

Why is the historical?

Since the Korean War in the year 1950-53, the leaders of America and North Korea have never met or spoke on the phone. In the year 1952, there was a cease-fire between the two Koreas, but the peace agreement was not reached. After this, the two Korean countries were split into two tones, in which South Korea's tilt was considered towards the United States. On the other hand, North Korea and the United States were considered rivals. The Kim and Trump meeting in the present scenario is historically because both countries are meeting after such a long interval and are meaningful discussions to solve various issues.

Key facts of the Singapore talks

  • During the meeting, US President Donald Trump told Kim, "I am confident that the relations between the two countries will be good."
  • President Trump said that he is feeling really good after this meeting, he hoped that the discussion and relationship would be excellent.
  • American President Donald Trump hoped that he and Kim Jong would meet together to solve a major problem and dilemma.
  • In a meeting aimed at nuclear disarmament with North Korean leader Kim Jong, Trump said that we will take care of it by working together.
  • While addressing Trump, Kim said, "It was not so easy to meet you, I am glad we are able to overcome all obstacles.
  • The meeting of the two leaders was only in the presence of translator. But in a meeting with a team of senior advisors and colleagues, in the meeting from the US, President Trump was accompanied by Foreign Minister Mike Pompey, White House Chief of Staff John Callie and Security Advisor John Balton.
  • Kim Yong Chol, who was considered to be the closest to North Korea's leader Kim Jong, was also present, besides Foreign Minister Rei Yong and former Foreign Minister Rei Suong were also present.

Purpose of meeting:-

The objective of this meeting was to make bilateral relations normal and to complete nuclear disarmament in the Korean Peninsula. The relationship between the two countries has not been normal for the past few years. The leaders of the two countries have been threatening each other with a nuclear strike, so this meeting is being considered as more special.

Q.1 Which country agreed for nuclear disarmaments after Singapore Agreement?
A. Iraq
B. Afghanistan
C. Syria
D. North Korea
Ans: North Korea

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