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One Kilogram is going to change

One Kilogram is going to change

Scientists have changed the definition of kilograms. More than 50 countries have given unanimous approval to the new definition.

Currently it is defined by the weight of a cylinder made from Platinum, which is called 'Le Grand K'. Such a clause is closed near the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) in western Paris in 1889.

In France's Versailles, a large conference was organized on 'Weight and Measures', in which many scientists took part.

It was voted to change the definition of kilogram after which this decision was stamped.

The majority of scientists had the side to define the kilogram on the basis of mechanical and electromagnetic energy.

However, in the UK, the National Physical Laboratory scientist, Perdie Williams, expressed mixed opinion about this.She says, "I have not been associated with this project for a long time and I like the measure of kilograms, but it is a momentous moment in itself and it’s a good step, this new method will work better."

Kilogram changed why?

What has changed will not affect the daily life of the people. But, it is expected to be practical use in industry and science, because there is a need to have accurate measurements here.

Kilo: Kilo is one of the seven Basic Units in the International Weight and Measure System. Four of them are - kg, ampere (electric current), kelvin (heat) and mole (particle number). The kilogram is the last SI base unit, which is still defined by a physical object.

'Le Grand's' is a cylinder of 4 centimeters made of 90 percent platinum and 10 percent iridium in London, which is closed from the year 1889 in the Walt of the International Bureau of Weights and Measers (BIPM) in Frontier Savoy, Western Paris.

Because the physical objects can easily lose the atom or absorb molecules by air, due to which the amount was changed ten times in microgram.

This means that prototype is used around the world to measure kilograms and levels, which tells the exact inaccuracy.

Such minor changes do not appear in normal life, but this has been a major problem for the most accurate scientific calculations.

New Kilogram: In future kilograms will be measured using Kabbal or Watt Balance. Device which uses mechanical and electromagnetic energy to calculate accurately.After this, the definition of kilograms can not be changed nor can any harm be done.

This will provide the exact measurement of one kilo to scientists not only in France but anywhere in the world.

"The redefining of SI in scientific metering is a memorable moment," says Theodore Janssen, a research director of the UK's National Standards Laboratory and responsible for metering standards in the UK.

"Once implemented, all SI units will be based on the nature of the fundamentals, which will be fixed forever and will be able to do even more accurate metering."

The new kilogram is expected to come by May 2019.

It will be done through the electron pump, which generates average current from the current flowing into electricity and calculates the power.

To define the Kelvin (temperature unit), the thermometer used for the sound will be used, which measures the speed of sound in a gas-filled area at a certain temperature.

To measure the amount of substance, the mole will be redefined using the unit, which will determine the amount of true atoms in pure silicon-28.

Q.1 Which S I unit is going to be changed?
A. Celsius
B. Kilo
C. Newton
D. Mole
Ans: Kilo
Q.2 Which device is used to measure the temperature?
A. Barometer
B. Thermometer
C. Speedometer
D. Voltmeter
Ans: Thermometer

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