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International Space Station completed 20 years in space

International Space Station completed 20 years in space

On December 20, 1998, the International Space Station (ISS) was established in space to understand the space from close. It is circling the earth at the speed of 17,500 miles per hour is the biggest thing ever sent to space from Earth. This center, which can be seen without much equipment from most parts of the earth, is as big as a football field in size.

First Part sent: On November 20, 1998, the first part of this center was sent, which NASA prepared, after this Russia sent its share. The center was created by adding one after the other to the space. Every part of the ISS is a vehicle in itself, which is called a module in the language of scientists. These are interconnected robotically and malfunction in any part of them is automatically corrected.

This huge spacecraft revolves around the Earth about 16 times in one day, so the astronauts living here can see the sunrise 16 times in a day.

Responsibility of operation: The operation of the station is mainly in the hands of the US and Russia. Japan, Canada and the European Union are also involved in their cooperation. In the construction and operation of this space station, America's NASA and Russia's Space Agency Roskosmos have a major stake.

Important for remote space missions: It can prove to be a great utility in remote space missions, including the future Moon and Mars mission. Such missions will not only be launched here but will also be available to all the facilitators.

A team of astronauts is always present for research on this center. Over 1500 research has already been done here. Many of this research have played a major role in the direction of human welfare. Everything needed for the space-stars is delivered from time to time.

Connected completed to Earth: Nasa or other ally space agency of America on Earth, is constantly in touch, sitting here with the members present there at station. Even the fridge sized door of its chamber, are opened by  the scientists on the ground so that the people there can come out after sleeping.

Q.1 When was International Space Station was established in space?
A. 20 November 1998
B. 20 December 1998
C. 20 December 1998
D. 20 February 1999
Ans: 20 December 1998
Q.2 What is the circling speed of International Space Station around earth?
A. 2501 miles per hour
B. 17500 miles per hour
C. 1450 miles per hour
D. 748 miles per hour
Ans: 17500 miles per hour

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