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For the first time, Sound of Mars heared on Earth

For the first time, Sound of Mars heared on Earth

American Space Agency NASA's Insight Lander has recorded a slight thunder of the air in Mars. After this, people living on earth can hear the voice of the air in Mars for the first time. NASA gave this information on Friday.

NASA's Insight Lander recorded the air at a speed of 10 to 15 miles per hour on Mars. NASA sent this lander to Mars on November 26. The chief explorer of Imperial College London said in a press conference, "It is the first data of the first 15 minutes that we got from the Seismometer."

This voice can be heard at He further said, 'It is like a sound coming out during a wave of a flag. This sound really hears like a different world. '

Insight Lander has been prepared to study the internal information of Mars, in which to detect earthquake and to study heat from the upper surface of the planet. NASA's Viking 1 and 2 landers had arrived there in 1976 and they also gave signs of air presence on Mars.

Q.1 Which space agency prepared Insight Lander to study Mars planet?
C. SpaceX
Q.2 Name the instrument that measures ground motion such as caused by explosions?
A. BBarometer
B. Seismometer
C. Sound Meter
D. Sonometer
Ans: Seismometer

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