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Device made by India Start up to reduce pollution and generate electricity

Device made by India Start up to reduce pollution and generate electricity

The India startup named Maclec Technical Project Laboratory has created a device that will not only clean the air, but it will also generate electricity. The device named Maclec Air-1 is laid on the road like a mat. The pressure that arises due to passing of carts on it, the air is clean and electricity is generated from it. Four-year-old Maclek's founding brothers Narayan and Balram Bharadwaj said that the device should be installed on a one kilometer road of 3.75 meters wide lane, and even if there is very little traffic, 20,000 units of electricity can be generated daily. It will also clean 156 million liters of air.

Electricity production:

This technology has been winner of Clean India Grand Program in the Air Management category and is undergoing trial.

Applying this technique to the entire streets of Delhi, it can generate 4 times more electricity than the electricity used by Delhiites in just one hour.

Narayan said that in June next year it will be started as a pilot project on Delhi's one kilometer road.

IIT Roorkee is also in the project with Macleck. The company has patented this technology last year.

Due to laying on the road, maintenance of the road will also not be required for 10 years.

Total cost will be covered in 3 years

The device will be laid on the road like matte. It can load up to 150 tons.

3.75 m wide, laying of matte for one kilometer would cost Rs. 3 crores.

By passing 50,000 vehicles daily on one kilometer, 20 thousand units of electricity will be generated.

One day 156 million liters of air can be cleaned. Air will be purified by 98%.

The device will last for 10-15 years. The electricity generated from this will cost you money in 3 years.

Domestic technology has been used to create this. It can also be recycled.

PM 2.5 will also clean the pollution:

In this device the first air is compressed, and then it passes through 6 filters. After this the device leaves clean air in the atmosphere. It also absorbs polluting PM 2.5. However, regular cleaning of the filter will also need to be done. Thus, installation of every one km will be available to 12 people directly and 20 people indirectly to get employment.

Generation of electricity from road is going on in many countries:

There are many places in the world working on the project to build electricity from road-driven vehicles. In the US and England, tests are also being done. The California Energy Commission began its study two years ago. However, the use of this technique has not started to be used extensively anywhere in the world.

Q.1 Who made the device for clean air and generate electricity from road crossing vehicles?
A. Maclec Technical Project Laboratory
B. Global Science Projects
C. Batla Science Projects
D. IIT Roorkee
Ans: IIT Roorkee
Q.2 Name the device made by Maclec to reduce pollution and generate electricity?
A. Maclec-1
B. Wayu
C. Air purifier
D. Oneer
Ans: Maclec-1

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