Current Affairs Quiz - Current Affairs GK - 31-05-2019

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Q.1 Who took over charge of Indian Navy after retirement of Admiral Sunil Lamba?
A. Bimal Verma
B. Karambir Singh
C. Nirmal Kumar Verma
D. Robin K Dhowan
Ans: Karambir Singh
Q.2 When did Armed Force Tribunal was formed?
A. 2004
B. 2012
C. 2007
D. 2000
Ans: 2007
Q.3 Who was elected Prime Minister of India after General Elections 2019?
A. Manmohan Singh
B. Narendra Modi
C. Arvind Kejriwal
D. Rahul Gandhi
Ans: Narendra Modi
Q.4 Who adminiters Prime Miniter in India?
A. Governer
B. President
C. Chief Justice of India
D. Army chief
Ans: President