Current Affairs Quiz - Current Affairs GK - 26-03-2019

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Q.1 Al NAGAH joint military exercise held between which two countries?
A. India and Saudi Arabia
B. Saudi Arabia and Oman
C. India and Oman
D. Turkey and UAE
Ans: India and Oman
Q.2 Which is the following name of a Howitzer gun recently joined Indian Army?
A. Dhanush
B. Bhala
C. Archery
D. Trishul
Ans: Dhanush
Q.3 What is the Rank of India in World Economic Forum Global Energy Transition Index 2019?
A. 75th
B. 76th
C. 77th
D. 79th
Ans: 76th
Q.4 Who is the Indian High commissioner in United Kingdom who released Asian Rich List 2019?
A. Preeti Saran
B. T.S. Tirumurti
C. Ruchi Ghanshyam
D. Aditi Kamath
Ans: Ruchi Ghanshyam