Current Affairs Quiz - Current Affairs GK - 06-03-2019

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Q.1 What is the main reason for threat of extinction of 1700 species in 50 years?
A. Industrial development
B. Agricultural land use
C. Increasing land use by human
D. Disasters
Ans: Increasing land use by human
Q.2 Which magazine is at highest place in the world's interdisciplinary scientific journals?
A. Filmfare
B. Times
C. Nature
D. Forbes
Ans: Nature
Q.3 How many deaths are caused every year due to air pollution?
A. 12 millions
B. 10 thousands
C. 70 lakhs
D. 45 thousands
Ans: 70 lakhs
Q.4 How many countries are there currently in United Nations?
A. 174
B. 193
C. 50
D. 143
Ans: 193
Q.5 Which country excludes from GSP by USA?
A. India
B. Russia
C. Afghanistan
D. Vietnam
Ans: India