Current Affairs Quiz - Current Affairs GK - 23-02-2019

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Q.1 Which Ministry announced 'All India Citizens Survey' to gather information about police services?
A. Ministry of Home Affairs
B. Ministry of Defense
C. Ministry of Human Resource Development
D. Ministry of External Affairs
Ans: Ministry of Home Affairs
Q.2 According to the survey of IMIS of Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, how many rural people in Indian drink metal contaminated water?
A. 3 Crore
B. 4 Crore
C. 5 Crore
D. 6 Crore
Ans: 4 Crore
Q.3 Who is appointed as the first Lokpal of BCCI?
A. DK Jain
B. S. Subramanyam
C. G. M. Swami
D. Anant Saxena
Ans: DK Jain