Current Affairs Quiz - Current Affairs GK - 06-12-2018

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Q.1 Which company is introducing snapdragon 855 with 5G support?
A. SK-Hynix
B. Qualcom
C. Intel
D. Micron Technology
Ans: Qualcom
Q.2 Which 5g supporting Chipset is going to be introduced by Qualcom?
A. Intel 440 FX
B. Snapdraggon 855
C. Snapdraggon 630
D. Snapdraggon S4
Ans: Snapdraggon 855
Q.3 Which ministry rejected the demand of army to raise MSP?
A. Petroleum Ministry
B. Finance Ministry
C. Ministry of Defence
D. Home Ministry
Ans: Finance Ministry
Q.4 What is the revised reate in RBI monetary policy review in 2018?
A. 12.85 percent
B. 6.5 percent
C. 10.72 percent
D. 3.85 percent
Ans: 6.5 percent
Q.5 Who is the governor of Reserve Bank of India during 2018?
A. Raghuram Rajan
B. Urjit Patel
C. Manmohan Singh
D. Viral Acharya
Ans: Urjit Patel
Q.6 Who is on the top in the Forbes list of 100 Indian Celebrities 2018?
A. Akshay Kumar
B. M S Dhoni
C. Deepika Padukone
D. Salman Khan
Ans: Salman Khan