Current Affairs Quiz - Current Affairs GK - 05-12-2018

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Q.1 How thick is the pinch invented by Scientist to detect diseases?
A. 100 nanometers
B. 75 nanometers
C. 50 nanometers
D. 23 nanometers
Ans: 50 nanometers
Q.2 How many nanometers are there in One millimeters?
A. One million
B. Four million
C. 10 million
D. 2 million
Ans: One million
Q.3 Who won the Ballon d'Or title in football in 2018?
A. Pele
B. Luca Modric
C. Lionel Messi
D. Cristiano Ronaldo
Ans: Luca Modric
Q.4 Where was Fifa World Cup held in 2018?
A. France
B. Russia
C. Germany
D. India
Ans: Russia