Current Affairs Quiz - Current Affairs GK - 17-11-2018

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Q.1 Who created the painting 'Pool with two figures' which broke the record of auction?
A. David Geffen
B. Joe Lewis
C. David Hockney
D. Jeff Koons
Ans: David Hockney
Q.2 What is the highest price of the painting Pool with two figures sold?
A. $62 m
B. $90m
C. $45m
D. $85m
Ans: $90m
Q.3 Which state of India is affected by Cyclone Gaza in 2018?
A. Gujarat
B. Tamilnadu
C. Goa
D. Maharashtra
Ans: Tamilnadu
Q.4 Name the Cyclone ran in Tamilnadu destroyed 11 lives?
A. Tsunami Harricane Gaza Great Bhola
B. Harricane
C. Gaza
D. Great Bhola
Ans: Gaza
Q.5 In which sector, 14 Lakh jobs are rising according to Cisco?
A. IT Sector
B. Marketing Sector
C. Hospitality Sector
D. Corporate Sector
Ans: IT Sector
Q.6 Which corporation authorized Cisco for research to reveal the information on Jobs?
A. International Data Corporation
B. Gartner
C. International Data Group
D. Forrester Research
Ans: International Data Corporation