Current Affairs Quiz - Current Affairs GK - 06-11-2018

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Q.1 Which patrol ship is launched by Indian Coast Guards?
A. INS Sunayna I
B. Vikram
C. Adesh
D. Vishwast
Q.2 Which company manufactured ICGS Varah?
A. Dempo Shipbuilding and Engineering Private Limited
B. Larsen & Toubro
C. SHM Group
D. Goa Shipyard Limited
Ans: Larsen & Toubro
Q.3 Which atomic submarine successfully completed the first patrol campaign?
A. Vikrant
B. Arihant
C. Samrat
D. Sindhughosh
Ans: Arihant
Q.4 On the occasion of which day was Arihant Submarine launched?
A. Independence Day
B. Labour Day
C. Kargil Vijay Day
D. Sardar Patel Jayanti
Ans: Kargil Vijay Day
Q.5 How is payment done to book unregistered train ticket on mobile app?
A. Cheque
B. Cash
C. Digital mode
D. Net Banking
Ans: Digital mode
Q.6 Who is the Union Minister of Railway of India during 2018?
A. Suresh Prabhu
B. Piyush Goel
C. Lalu Prasad Yadav
D. Ram Vilas Paswan
Ans: Piyush Goel
Q.7 From where to where, First passenger train is running between India and Nepal?
A. Raxaul- Kathmandu
B. Jainagar- Kurtha
C. Gopalganj- Birganj
D. Seetapur-Mithila
Ans: Jainagar- Kurtha
Q.8 What is the length of Jaipur-Kurtha Rail section?
A. 36
B. 34
C. 20
D. 75
Ans: 34
Q.9 What are the basic particles, produced in the sun, stars and atmosphere naturally, are called?
A. Atom
B. Nutrino
C. Meteorites
D. Uranium
Ans: Nutrino
Q.10 What is the name of first indigenous microprocesor developed by IIT Madras?
A. Oregon
B. Intel
C. Shakti
D. OPD Mini Processor
Ans: Shakti
Q.11 When was first microprocessor invented?
A. 1989
B. 1970
C. 1971
D. 1972
Ans: 1970