Current Affairs Quiz - Current Affairs GK - 31-05-2018

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Q.1 Which country discovered 3D printed cornea for the first time in 2018?
A. India
B. Japan
C. China
D. Germany
Ans: India
Q.2 What is the name of US Pacific Command after the name change?
A. US Indo China Pacific Command
B. US China Pacific Command
C. US Indo Pacific Command
D. Indo China US Pacific Command
Ans: US Indo Pacific Command
Q.3 Where was organized 71th World Health Assembly?
A. Florence
B. Geneva
C. Bloemfontein
D. Busan
Ans: Geneva
Q.4 Between which countries signed 15 agreements including defense cooperation in May 2018?
A. India and Nepal
B. India and Indonesia
C. Japan and China
D. India and France
Ans: India and Indonesia