Current Affairs Quiz - Current Affairs GK - 09-12-2017

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Q.1 India will get 'electricity for everyone' in which decade?
A. 2021
B. 2020
C. 2023
D. 2022
Ans: 2020
Q.2 What is subject of Water Security recently organized by International Conference?
A. Ground Water Issue
B. Electric Issue
C. Ecosystem
D. Pollution Issue
Ans: Ground Water Issue
Q.3 Which Country will have 85 robot volunteers at the Winter Olympics?
A. Germany
B. Russia
C. South Korea
D. Japan
Ans: South Korea
Q.4 2018 Winter Olympics will be hosted in which country?
A. Japan
B. South Korea
C. Australia
D. Russia
Ans: South Korea
Q.5 which country has launched its first astronaut programme?
A. Saudi Arabia
B. Albania
D. Belgium
Ans: UAE
Q.6 Which Railway Station becomes Indias First Energy Efficient Railway Station?
A. Mysore Railway Station
B. Chennai Central Railway Station
C. Kacheguda railway station
D. Old Delhi Railway Station
Ans: Kacheguda railway station
Q.7 Which countrys Second vice president will be on a five-day visit to India starting today?
A. Russia
B. Afghanistan
C. Bangladesh
D. Nepal
Ans: Afghanistan
Q.8 Who is became the first swimmer of India to win a gold medal in the World Para Swimming Championship?
A. Virdhawal Khade
B. Srihari Natraj
C. Kanchanmala Pande
D. Sapna Sharma
Ans: Kanchanmala Pande
Q.9 Who is President of Para Sports-Foundation?
A. Suresh Prabhu
B. Sarvesh Kumar Tiwari
C. Avadhesh Kumar
D. B Narayanan
Ans: Sarvesh Kumar Tiwari
Q.10 How much is the minimum age of drinking in Kerala?
A. 18 to 25
B. 20 to 24
C. 21 to 23
D. 19 to 20
Ans: 21 to 23