Current Affairs Quiz - Current Affairs GK - 06-12-2017

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Q.1 Which Indian Artist Launches Book on Indian Cinema ?
A. Suresh Prabhu
B. Amitabh Bachchan
C. Raj Kapoor
D. Shashi Kapoor
Ans: Amitabh Bachchan
Q.2 Which place International conference on Climate Change held ?
A. Nepal
B. Afghanistan
C. India
D. Japan
Ans: Nepal
Q.3 Which union minister Unveils Mid-Term Review of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20?
A. Suresh Prabhu
B. Prakash Javadekar
C. Ramesh Kumar
D. Arun Jaitley
Ans: Suresh Prabhu
Q.4 Which version of the travel restriction of the contentious policy?
A. First
B. Fifth
C. Third
D. Ninth
Ans: Third
Q.5 Where was established the headquarter of International Solar Alliance (ISA)?
A. America
B. Europe
C. Russia
D. India
Ans: India
Q.6 Who was won the International Children's Peace Prize 2017?
A. Mohamad Jaffer
B. farukh Khan
C. Mohamad Al-Jounde
D. Sirtaj Ali
Ans: Mohamad Al-Jounde
Q.7 Which country was banned from 2018 Winter Olympics?
A. Russia
B. South Korea
C. Germany
D. France
Ans: Russia
Q.8 When was founded Asian Development Bank (ADB)?
A. 19 December 1966
B. 6 December 1978
C. 11 December 1956
D. 25 December 1950
Ans: 19 December 1966
Q.9 Where was held the third DRC- NITI Aayog?
A. Nepal
B. Pakistan
C. China
D. India
Ans: China