Current Affairs Quiz - Current Affairs GK - 27-11-2017

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Q.1 When Inter-State council was established by Presidential Order?
A. 28 April 1975
B. 28 May 1990
C. 28 August 1995
D. 28 November 1985
Ans: 28 May 1990
Q.2 President Ramnath Kovind inaugurated the International Gita Festival in which city in 2017?
A. Rajasthan
B. Delhi
C. Punjab
D. Haryana
Ans: Haryana
Q.3 Which Indian Sprinter won the Gold Medal in Asian Marathon Championship 2017?
A. Mahesh Gangwar
B. Abhishek Rawat
C. Gopi Thonakal
D. Rajesh Thangavelu
Ans: Gopi Thonakal
Q.4 Which bank launched BlockChain based International Payment Service in 2017?
A. Vijaya Bank
B. HDFC Bank
C. Andhra bank
D. Axis Bank
Ans: Axis Bank
Q.5 Ritu Phogat defeated to which player in under-23 Senior World Wrestling Competition?
A. Brock Lesnar
B. Jiang Zhu
C. Shane McMahon
D. Jeff Hardy
Ans: Jiang Zhu
Q.6 Where established Chilka Lake?
A. Jammu and Kashmir
B. Odisha
C. Assam
D. Nagaland
Ans: Odisha
Q.7 In which country urges UN to declare 2018 as 'International Year of Millets'?
A. Australia
B. Pakistan
C. India
D. China
Ans: India
Q.8 What the percentage increase of FDI during April to September in 2017?
A. 15%
B. 16%
C. 17%
D. 18%
Ans: 17%
Q.9 Who was clarified Ordinance Revised Forest Act in 2017?
A. Nitin Gadkari
B. Yogi Adityanath
C. Narendra Modi
D. Ramnath Kovind
Ans: Ramnath Kovind